Panola Co. District Clerk Warns Residents of Jury Duty Scams
Posted December 29, 2016 by Blake Holland |   

Submitted by District Clerk Debra Johnson:

Jury duty scams are spreading across Texas, with counties reporting recent attempts of scammers calling individuals and accusing them of missing jury duty. They then demand that the victims pay a hefty fine over the phone. The callers, however, are not affiliated with a court and are simply trying to trick the victims into giving them money. Do not give anyone money or credit card information if you are contacted. In Panola County, you will never be called and asked for your Social Security number, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information.

Law enforcement in various areas of Texas are looking into complaints where scammers say the person has an active arrest warrant, a missed court date, or missed jury duty and will be sent to jail if the fine isn’t paid. Victims are often elderly and worry they might have somehow missed jury duty, even though they don’t remember having been summoned.

If you receive a suspicious call, do not give your information out over the phone. Call your local law enforcement.