Bernie Appeals Re-Sentencing
Posted March 22, 2017 by East Texas Today |   

An appeal on behalf of Bernie Tiede has been filed in the 6th Court of Appeals in Texarkana. The filing was submitted by Houston attorney Jonathan Landers on March 15 and accepted on Tuesday morning, March 21.

Tiede was re-sentenced to 99 years in prison in 2016 by a Rusk County jury for the 1996 murder of Marjorie Nugent. The motion for appeal states “The evidence shows that Mr. Tiede and the Panola County District Attorney reached a mutually accepted sentencing agreement” among other items.

The filing continues and states:

“All that was left was for the prosecution to recommend a sentence of twenty years in the event of a new punishment hearing. The District Attorney made clear he planned to make such a recommendation: ‘Therefore I am agreeable to considering his sentence to be time served.’ SSCR 45-46.”

The filing then suggests that because of “pressure from outside sources,” the District Attorney did not follow through with the agreement and removed himself from the case.